Laser Cut Shredder Unit


This is the bolt on laser cut shredder unit, built using imperial measurments.This unit has a 1 inch hex bar for the axis.

The "pieces" option comes with all of the laser cut pieces and the shaft needed to assemble the unit. However, the pieces are unfinished and will require all or some of the following deburring, countersinking, sanding, welding, and assembly.


Kits are provided by Citizen Scientific Workshop in Boise, ID.

  • Product Info

    This unit is build using stainless steel and bolts right onto the shredder assembly.


    There are two options for this unit; assembled and pieces. The "pieces" unit will include all blades, spacers, axle, and bearings packaged together for you to assemble. The "assembled" unit will be completely bolted and welded together shipped as a single unit.



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