Compression Machine


This is the Precious Plastic compression machines, built with imperial measurements.


Arrives as a kit unless otherwise selected. Requires basic tools and knowledge to assemble.


Kits are provided by Citizen Scientific Workshop in Boise, ID.


    This is the Precious Plastic compression machine! The machine is used to heat up the plastic chips and press the molten plastic into a certain shape (E.g. Bowl). This is the 2nd version of the machine, the compression unit is under the oven to enable the user to press the plastic without cooling the over completely down. This makes the production process a lot easier and efficient. 


    There are two options for this machine one includes the oven and one is just the compression unit. The second option is for those who can BYOO (Bring your own oven).


    If you have custom specifications or a new idea on how to improve this machine, please reachout to us!

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